Colour Me CrAzY


TGIF! Since I am living in the future (for those of you readers on the other side of the world) it is Friday for me the rest of you still have another few hours to go till the clock strikes midnight.Driving home I started thinking about what to write in today’s  post I got hit with every ORANGE light! I try not to get to angry at the road as it is only my fault if I am running late to get somewhere not the traffics or at least that’s what I try telling myself. Anyway…besides getting stuck at every orange light I was thinking about my recent eats, which consists of a very orange diet over the last while well actually since yesterday afternoon and today. 

Orange foods are good. Some of my favorites include pumpkin, pumpkin kumara dip (as seen below), oranges, carrots, mandarins, MANGO flesh (skins not orange),  dried apricots, Reece’s peanut butter cups come in orange packaging if that counts however, they are not too common here in New Zealand you can find them in specialty shops.  

When preparing a meal I do try choosing foods that are fresh and colorful and I usually try to choose different color foods. One of every color of the rainbow is the way to go. Please note artificial coloring does not count!  I don’t think you can count lucky charms or ‘pick n mix’ as a well rounded choice just because it is colorful. Nice try though.

Some of my eats recently have included: Roasted Pumpkin, An orange, an egg white frozen veggie scramble on pumpkin and unpictured items including a gluten free muesli bar, seed mix, yoghurt. This includes yesterday afternoon and today.

I also wanted to show you some of the other things that I put into my body along with food and vino. I wish my vitamin cabinet was a lot better stocked then what it is but vitamins are so expensive! What I do take, which is because it is what I have at the moment is spirulina capsules, iron melts and vitamins for ‘lack lusture hair and brittle nails’. Another accomplishment of mine that I started when I stopped drinking sodas was I stopped biting my nails and for those who know me well know that I am that girl who bites her nails and it is a horrible habit I am super proud of quitting. I do have the occasional slip up, which usually tends to be when I am stressed I have pretty much stopped.

Just a random note for the day. Its official, my Heinz Organic Ketchuph has empty and has been replacd by Mrs. Rogers Organic Tomato sauce, which is not as nice as my Heinz. Its a bit more like a chutney then a sauce.

Today’s exercise was on the lighter side today which was a 30ish minute run around the park. During my run I included some of those old school park work outs including abs, legs and really hard one with two parallel bars that you had to hold yourself up and try walk your hands along the bars while holding your own body weight to complete the entire length.Not sure if you got the image but i tried.

Early start tomorrow as I have a volleyball tournament this weekend Saturday and Sunday 8am start both days so quite night for me. GO PIONEER! I should probably start planning and packing breakfasts and lunches for the weekend as I am not getting stuck eating stadium foods or have to hunt for healthy food close to the tournament.

Have a great weekend, Ciao!