Eat Well.

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9 thoughts on “Eat Well.

  1. Natalie,

    This blog is cute. I’m not really into the blogging scene but I love to know whats going on with you and your life. I like it so far. I have a request for you to put up the recipe for the Kale Chips you make! I tried to make them and failed…it was a good attempt but something was missing from the recipe. Anyways, I would love you to post it up here! Im excited to read your future posts.

    Much Love ❤

    • Thanks Pascale. Keep reading and share the blog with anyone you may think could be interested. I need some keen readers.

      I will put the kale chip recipe on ASAP. Been very busy and trying to take things one step at a time.

      Love you SO much and miss you just as much. KEEP READING

  2. Looking forward to trying the Kale chips. I’m alittle confused though as the ingredients call for wholegrain mustard and chilli flakes, but the instructions just say oil, vinegar and salt? Do you use the mustard and chilli flakes and add a pinch of salt? Thanks Nat.

    • Hello,

      The recipe is awsome. Just make sure you dont burn them, they can crisp really fast.
      I must edit this. I added chilli laked and wholegrain mustard to the original recipe and it was the perfect touch.

      Bon Apetit!

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