Practice Yoga.

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My favourite yoga studios in Auckland:

1.  EastWest Bikram Yoga-Ponsonby and New

natalie bikram 

Every class on our schedule is suitable for beginning students through to those that have practiced yoga before.

  •  Bookings are not required; however please arrive 15 minutes before your first class. Out of respect for the teacher and other practitioners, latecomers will be asked to return to a class later in the day.
  •  All classes are 90 minutes long and you are expected to remain in the class for the duration. You will experience all the benefits of this yoga if you try the best you can the right way – if you need a break you may sit quietly on your mat.
  • Bring a large towel and water bottle (available to rent/buy at the studio). Wear light clothing – avoid loose or flowing clothes, sleeveless tops and shorts are best. Be prepared to sweat!
  • Mats will be provided for your first 2 classes – after this mats are available to rent/buy at the studio if needed
  • Shower facilities are available
  • Please inform teacher of any concerns or injuries you may have – they are not mind readers! Rest assured their goal is to help you grow in your practice.
  •  Come well hydrated and on an empty stomach. Good hydration has many positive effects, however it also enables you to practise in the heated environment more comfortably.  If you are hungry in the 2 hours before class a piece of fruit or juice is a good choice, in time you will know what works best for you.
  •  If you are not flexible then this yoga is for you! People from all walks of life and in very different physical conditions join our classes. Increased flexibility is a lovely side effect of a regular practice, not a prerequisite! The practice of yoga encompasses many aspects of your body/mind/spirit. Come with an open mind and practice a few classes without judgment, after this you will see what its about.
  • Contact:
  • 8 Alma Street
    Newmarket, Auckland, New Zealand
    phone +64 9 522 1466 –
    26 Ponsonby Road
    Ponsonby, Auckland, New Zealand
    phone +64 9 360 1885

2. Urban Ashram Ponsonby-

Welcome to The Urban Ashram, home of The Ralston Method and a place to retreat from the busy-ness of the city and the demands of your life…

lulu yoga

We are guided by our own core values: to live a healthy, balanced and fulfilled life with honesty and compassion. This has lead us to become dedicated to inspiring others to gain a deeper understanding of themselves, better well-being and improved quality of life.

Let us show you ways to…

• Strengthen and lengthen the body
• Calm and focus the mind
• Radiate with the health you feel on the inside
• Experience more vitality and find deep inner peace.

3. Yoga Sanctuary Parnell & Mairangi Bay-

yoga sanctuary


Rise & Shine

Awaken and energize the body and the mind with our new morning series. Based on the traditional style of Sivananda Hatha Yoga, a typical class includes pranayama (breathing exercises), Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutations), asana practice to improve strength and flexibility and concludes with final relaxation. The perfect start to your day! All levels welcome. Check out the timetable

Vinyasa – Level 1

Gentle, simple and flowing sequence of yoga poses which are linked by steady rhythmic breathing and practiced to music. Class includes simple sun salutations. No yoga experience necessary

Vinyasa – Level 2

Invigorating and creative sequence of yoga poses designed to create internal heat. Breath led movement to music. Sun salutations and some inversions will be included. Yoga experience recommended but not necessary.

Vinyasa – Level 2 -3

Dynamic and challenging sequencing of poses with music to create internal heat and focus. A fun mix of arm balances, inversions, strength and flexibility work. Ten rounds of sun salutations will challenge your body and mind. Not suitable for beginners.

Yin Yoga

A quiet, gentle and meditative practice with music, incorporating long held floor poses to nourish the joints and improve flexibility. The use of props will help you reach deeper release. No yoga experience required.


A gentle and nourishing class designed to help you unwind and recharge the batteries with minimal expenditure of energy. Open to all levels of yogis looking to replenish on the mat.

Align & Flow

Dynamic yoga poses practiced to music in a steady flowing sequence, with an attention to alignment and breath. Classes always have a theme to help connect heart and mind to physical movement of the body. Poses are structured around specific bio-mechanic alignment principles to ensure safe and optimal expression in each pose. A great class to complement your vinyasa practice.

Hatha Yoga – Level 1

Focus is on the fundamentals of yoga. Learn the basics of asana and pranayama.

Note – Practicing with injury

As with all practice it’s important to listen to your body. Inform your teacher of any current injuries so they can give you tips and modifications. We don’t recommend practicing while injured, so please consult your medical professional before attending yoga.



One thought on “Practice Yoga.

  1. You stay so active, that is great! I love the variety in your workouts. Keeping things fresh (including fitness classes on my campus) really insipres me instead of sticking to the same exercise day after day.

    What do you think of Cali vs. New Z?

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