Guest Post: Eat Well, Fight Well.



Cancer. No matter whether this is a new word to you or one that has become all too much of a companion in your life, you are certainly aware that it is well fought with good nutrition. Although a healthy, balanced diet is not proven to cure cancer; it nevertheless provides solid ground from which to go through whatever cancer treatment looks like for your particular diagnosis. It gives you fuel with which to fight a good fight for recovery.

What is a Nutritious Diet?

Generally, a nutritious diet is recognized as one that is comprised of adequate protein, vegetables, fruits, whole grains, beans and plenty of water. Fats, sweets, and salty snacks should be avoided. Some specifically recommended cancer-fighting foods include berries, grapes, tomatoes, cruciferous vegetables (such as broccoli and kale), peppers, sweet potatoes, olive oil and green tea.


Better Energy Levels

A healthy, balanced diet gives your body good sources of nutrition, which give you improved energy. Radiation, chemotherapy, and many other medical procedures which your body is being subjected to can leave you feeling depleted. Eating a poor diet of processed food filled with empty calories exacerbates fatigue. Good food helps your body perform its basic functions at an optimal level so that it serves you the best it can even under cancer’s stress.


Improved Quality of Life

A nutritious diet is a good idea no matter what cancer you are fighting–breast, lung, liver, mesothelioma, Hodgkin’s, or a myriad of others. Healthy eating will result in better digestion, more restful sleep, and clearer thinking. It is a gift you give to yourself, one that is proven to give you the best quality of life possible.


Foundation for the Future

The brave hope of cancer treatment envisions your future life as cancer free. While you move with courage toward that goal, lay a foundation for it in a body established on good nutrition. When you emerge from the cancer battle, your body will be able to recover from the stresses of treatment and stay strong.


Nutritious eating while going through cancer treatment gives you the energy to fight your battle, improves your life during it, and lays a foundation for health beyond it. Eat well, fight well!


Written By: 

Your one and only Survivor, David Hass.

If you have any futher questions regarding Nutrition for Cancer please contace me at and I will forward you on to David.


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