prioritize with some muesli.

Realizing your priorities is a lot easier said then done. Here is a simple guide to help you get back on track.

Step one:  Realize that there are 168 hours in the week.  56 of those hours should probably be spent asleep.  In order to maximize our time and schedule in ‘free time,’ we need to be more aware about how we spend our energy.

And I am spending 630 minutes a week at yoga…that is a lot of time devoted to my practice at the moment.

 Step two:  List out your priorities.  Some of these priorities are negotiable and some are probably non-negotiable.  Of course, these priorities are different for other people.

My Priorities at the moment:
Find a job
Keep up with friendships and relationships-long distance and local
Stay healthy and fit
Keep up with Writing/Blogging
Finish my 2nd 30 day yoga challenge
Try new recipes or makes ones you already love
Start running again
Start saving $$
Get rid of debt
Volunteer/ Get involved with community
Start a veggie garden

Step three:  Identify which priorities you can downgrade or drop completely.  Also identify new priorities that you would like to focus more on.

Out of these priorities there are none that I think that I could drop. I guess that my 30-day challenge is a bit selfish as it takes up 90 minutes plus a day and I could be using that time to focus more on other priorities. However, it keeps me sane and helps keeping me fit and healthy.

 Step four:  Get organized by using a paper calendar or online calendar.  Look for ways to plan ahead so your priorities get accomplished and you don’t feel overwhelmed.

I still use a calendar diary. Sometime it goes MIA for a few days but I try to open it up once a day. I personally don’t like online calendars.  

Hope that helps. Now get prioritizing. OR go and make some Ultimate Muesli. 

 I am on day 18 of my 30 day Challenge and all I can think about is making this recipe that I know I already love. This muesli, which I have titled ‘The Ultimate Muesli’, was donated to me by a good friend named Kate and it is like crack so good, so crunchy, so addicting.  Kate, I should send you a batch of something amazing one of these days for some Nat Attack Love.

The Ultimate Muesli

4 cups rolled ups (wholegrain)

1-cup coconut

1-cup wheat germ

1-cup wheat bran

2 packets sunflower seeds

2 packets pumpkin seeds

2 packets slivered almonds

1-cup oil (coconut oil would be a great healthy substitute)

2 tbsp. honey

Fan bake 160°C for 25mins. Once cooled add sultanas and cranberries.

You can easily add or sub out any of the fruits and nuts.

Additional add-ins can include-dried apricots, apples, raisins,goji, dates or other nuts such as cashews, pecans, walnuts. For an ultra indulgent breakfast you can also add-in chocolate chips, carob chips, or yoghurt covered raisins.



5 thoughts on “prioritize with some muesli.

  1. I am loving that you are blogging again and loving that you still remember the recipe! It is a goodie. We must catch up! I promise I will call you this weekend (and then you can tick off the “Keep up with friendships and relationships-long distance and local”). hope you are well xx

    • Its the best homemade muesli I have ever tasted. Yes, thank you that would be great and would be so good to hear from you! I actually tried booking flights for this weekend and even double checked this morning to see if there were any last minute cheap flights but no luck. It will happen soon though.

  2. I love the great mix of recipes, healthy living ideas and motivation to live the best life possible 🙂 thanks for sharing, looking forward to reading more xx

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