live a little.


I want you to live … just a little. Have you tried it yet? I sure am. It feels good.

There is definitely a balance between healthy living and happy living. It is very easy to get caught into a healthy living trap, which then leads into a not-so-healthy living downwards spiral as being healthy definitely becomes an addiction. As you may or may not know I have found it hard to find a balance but with help of many of you, various blogs that I follow daily and the love of my friends and family I have found and trying to maintain a perfect balance. It has not always been easy.

Food is simply delicious. I love it. Of course I do, I take pictures of my food. A bit obvious that I may have found a true love for food. However, many people love food, which does not always mean it is a healthy relationship. Eating fresh, wholesome, natural and organic foods (usually foods that come from the ground, organic farms, non-disruptive fishing and not from chemicals) is what is going to give you a healthy relationship with food.

 Simple tips to start a healthy relationship with food include:

 1. Cooking, sounds simple right? Trying out new simple recipes will help you learn about different foods, spices and combinations that you may actually enjoy. Cooking can be easy, I promise. I do need update my recipe page and I can help provide you simple, healthy and everyday recipes.

2. Keeping a food diary. Having a food diary helps you recognize what you are eating, how much you are eating and helps you recognize when and why you are eating. As you know you should only eat when you are hungry so if you find yourself eating for no apparent reason, you will pick up on these trends in your food diary.

3. Buy Locally and Organically. By doing this not only are you eating the freshest produce as you are not eating foods that have been shipped across the world you are supporting local farmers, which help boost your local economy. Eating organically helps your overall well being as you avoid eating genetically modified foods, for more information read my previous post.

4. Eating with company. Eating with friends, family or loved ones makes eating an enjoyable experience while being able to spend time with people you love if you usually live quite a busy lifestyle.

I am currently enjoying this book:

This exert is from,8599,1953351,00.html where Time spoke with the Authors of the book and you can also read the full interview.

“Keeping up with women’s health advice can be exhausting. Between trying to get your 60 minutes of daily exercise without cutting into your eight hours of nightly shut-eye, calibrating your red-wine intake to stave off heart disease without boosting your risk of breast cancer, and figuring out what to make of ever-contradictory health advisories, you’d be forgiven for throwing up your hands and ignoring the whole mess of guidelines altogether. The good news, according to Dr. Susan Love and health psychologist Alice Domar, is that you can go right ahead. In their new book, Live a Little! Breaking the Rules Won’t Break Your Health, the authors say your best bet is to scrap the crazy rules and adopt commonsense habits that will keep you safe from premature disability or death — while leaving you plenty of license to enjoy life.”

 It is a very enlightening perspective about being PH (pretty healthy) and if you get the chance I recommend picking up copy. Be warned it is not what your doctor, nutritionist or personal trainer will be telling you on a daily basis.

Moving forward to today, I enjoyed a very speedy 5km run that I completed in 26:40 and a 45 minute yoga class, which was much needed. I am very sore at the moment. I am pretty useless as I do record most of my fitness activities of the day onto my phone but never come back and report them on here, I wish there was a magical way of transporting them from my phone onto my computer. I am sure this is. I will have to sort that out…soon.

 In other news I am doing a 10km race this weekend, it will be first race since my half marathon and really want to beat my 10km time, which I think is achievable. I would like to do it in about 47 minutes. I was originally going to say 45 minutes but I thought the two extra minutes may go to good use.

I have neglected to take many pictures of my yummy eats recently but I happen to remember this delicious baked red cod, spinach salad and er frozen broccoli, bean and zucchini combination I had on Friday night after baking a delicious banana cake with lemony frosting that went unpictured it was demolished before I remembered and it was simply amazing. I think it was the ultimate banana cake. I will have to share this recipe with you, I sort of do not want to as it was just that ultimate.

Until next time…


Go pick up a book and get reading while you are at it go buy local some local and organic produce, your temple with thank you for it.


One thought on “live a little.

  1. As always Natalie a great blog to read and hear your passion for life, love of food and being healthy – keep up this work to succeed in a wonderful world.

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