Keep Warm This Winter.


Are you ready for it…

This is Nat Attacks a Marathon the week before, the week of and the week after marathon training plan. If you have any questions regarding of this or what any of the terms mean, you can ask me or I am sure that someone at your gym will know most or all the terms outlined. A bit all over the place but I am sure you can work it out.

  Pre Race Race Week Post race  
Monday 34 min HIIT treadmill, 5.73km and pump class VB REST  


23min HIIT treadmill and yoga with a 37 min Run Run 5km REST  
 Wednesday 12:30 HIIT treadmill, 2.11km VB RPM  
  Thursday 10 min treadmill and Spin class Spin Class Bikram yoga  
Friday Xtrain Session yoga 21:30 HIIT Treadmil, 3.7km and Crosstrainer 10 min
Saturday Volleyball REST  20:30 HIIT 3.5km, PUMP, Warmdown on crosstrainer 10:10km
Sunday Volleyball 1/2 Marathon REST    


Just to let you know HIIT=High Intensity Interval Training 

An even more outlined workout plan that I promised you….

Adapted from Gina’s Summer Shape up plan I would like to introduce Natalie’s ‘Keep Warm this Winter’ Shape up plan. It is not going to be easy, trust me. It is going to keep you warm and get you into shape. Warning: this is only one week of an entire plan.

For all those of you who have asked me “How to get into shape, or what suggestions I have, or what they could be doing at the gym and even to build up a regime for you?” Here you go! This one is for yoU!  Hope you enjoy and the next time I see you I hope that you are in better shape.

Day 1: Strength Back and Abs

-5 minutes of low/moderate intensity cardio to warm up

Bent-over wide row

Stability ball back extension

Pilates corkscrews

Back extension with twist

Weighted ball crunch

Modified bent-over L/I raise

Saxon side bend

Cable row

-20-30 minutes of low/moderate intensity cardio (bike, run, swim or elliptical—solid steady pace and resistance. Keep the level of exertion around a 6-7)

Day 2: Speed

Option 1: On the track or trail

– Run moderately for 5 minutes to warm up

-Sprint for 45 seconds

-Jog for 1 minute

Burpees (2nd video on this page for the how-to) for 30 seconds

-Bench tricep dips for 30 seconds (use bleacher or do on the ground with legs bent or straight out in front)

-Jog 1 minute

Walking lunges with knee lift 30 seconds

Tuck jump for 30 seconds

-Jog 1 minute

-Sprint 30 seconds

-Bench tricep dips for 30 seconds (use bleacher or do on the ground with legs bent or straight out in front)

-Jog 2 minutes

-Sprint for 45 seconds

Jump squats for 45 seconds

Mountain climbers for 45 seconds

-Jog or walk 2 minutes (easy)

-Sprint 1 minute

-Tricep dips 30 seconds

-Push ups 30 seconds

Burpees (2nd video on this page for the how-to) for 30 seconds

-Jog (easy!) 5 minutes

-Stretch and drink lots of water!!

Option 2: Take a spin class

Option 3: 30 minutes of SWEATY cardio

Day 3: Stretch

Option 1: Solar Flow #1 (20 minute podcast- free from or Yoga DVD + 20 minutes moderate cardio of choice

Option 2: Take a power yoga or Bikram class

Option 3: Insanity Cardio Recovery

Day 4: Strength + Speed (home or gym)

-5 minutes easy/moderate cardio of choice to warm up

Split squat (hold dumbbells to make these more challenging and always make sure your front knee doesn’t extend past your toes)

Sumo Squat and leg raise

Stability ball hamstring curl (try it with one leg at a time)

Pilates side leg lift (lift top leg up and down 10 times then 10 circles to the front and 10 circles to the back, keeping your hips stacked)

The Sprinter

Bosu calf raise (can be done on a stair instead with heels hanging off the edge)- for more of a challenge: one leg at a time, or hold some dumbbells

Hip Raise on Stability Ball with weighted bar (do 10 and then hold for 10 counts in the highest position)

High Intensity Interval Training (Run or on the bike)- 5 min warm up, 15 minutes HIIT, 5 minute cool down


Day 5: Stretch

Option 1: Detox Yoga #2 (20 minute- free from or Yoga DVD + 20 minutes light cardio

Option 2: Power Yoga or Bikram Class

Day 6: Strength + Hills

-5 minutes of low/moderate intensity cardio to warm up

Incline bicep curl

Barbell chest press (can do on bench or stability ball)

Alternating shoulder press

Hammer curl

Bench crunches

Skull crushers (use light barbell or dumbbells)

Supine chest fly

Dips (as many as you can bust out- use straight legs to make it more challenging)

-20-30 minutes of hills cardio (bike, run, or elliptical) 5 minutes cool down.

Can you handle it…Sure you can! If you have any medical conditions, consult a physician first. If you are new to exercise perhaps turn this down a few notches and try a few things here and there. Maybe even one day could be a weeks work for you and your level of fitness. For now. You will get fitter, stronger and faster in no time.

Before I go, a quick bite to share with you. I just ate the last kumara (or sweet potato or yam) that I have and prepared it a bit differently.

I share with you a mashed kumara mixed with an egg white, on a bed of leftover tomato soup and spinach sprinkled with peas seasoned  with curry powder and chili flakes.

 A mix of Healthy Carbs (kumara) +Protein (Egg White)+Fat ( kinda missing, im sure the ketchup had some) + Veggies (just because you can never have enough) = one satisfied belly.

Stay Warm. I know I am going to between this workout plan and a very beautiful coat I just received, from the actual ‘brain’ in my life.  



6 thoughts on “Keep Warm This Winter.

  1. Hmmmm that looked great – and you are looking so fit – Good Luck on the voting to be selected to appear on NZ’s Next Top Model Search…Vote for Natalie

  2. That looks intense!

    What do you recommend for the HIIT in terms of sprinting/cool down ratio? And what kinds of speeds to use on treadmill. I need to do something different and keen to give it a go.

    Hope your well – all the best with Next Top Model!! When I looked last night you were in Top 5!

    • hey kate,
      Sorry for the late reply.

      For HIIT i reccomend a 2-5 warm up at a moderate pace at about 9.5-10.5 and then I personally range from 10.5-12.5(13 if i am feeling good) every other minute. For instance:

      Min 1-5: 9.5
      Min 6: 11
      Min 7: 9.5
      Min 8: 12
      Min 9: 10
      Min: 10: 12.5
      Min 11-12: 9.5
      Min 13: 12
      Min 14: 10
      Min 15: 12.5-13
      Min 16: 9.5
      Min 17: 12
      Min 18: 10.5
      Min 19: 12.5-13
      Min 20-21: 9.5-10

      Let me know if you have any other requests. I would follow this with some strength training but should be enough cardio for a single workout.

    • hey kate.

      I woud like to add that during minutes 7, 11, 16 and 18 if you would like to kick it up a notch increase the level incline to 2 or 3 and it really kicks ur but. I just did this and it was awsome and came home and thought I should tell you.

      • OK will give it a go. Have had PT sessions this week so body is not quite up for it atm but will let you know how I get on.

        Thanks for reccomendations! xx

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