You call it sweet potato, I call it kumara.

and…Samantha from sex and the city calls it a yam. For anyone who has seen Sex and The City 2 knows where I am going with this one. Let’s just say if you ever fly to a foreign country and they confiscate your natural hormone replacement pills, eat yams. Lots and lots of yams. If you have not seen it, I do recommend it. Although, it was cheesy and does not contain the same dark humour as the series it was a light-hearted, funny and an all around feel good movie that keeps you laughing from start to finish.

Whether you call it a sweet potato, or a yam ( haha I am not sure I can use the term yam after seeing sex and the city 2 ever again) or a kumara it is all the same thing, which is a vegetable and one of my favourites at that prepared sweet or savoury it is delicious and very good for you. Let me begin…

According to the website of the world’s healthiest foods ( the sweet potato is classified to be an excellent source of vitamin A (in the form of beta-carotene), vitamin C, manganese, and a good source of copper, dietary fibre, vitamin B6, potassium and iron.

And you may ask what does all this nutritional information mean?

  Vitamin A helps bodies grow normally and can help prevent some cancers.
  Vitamin B6 is important because it supports more essential body functions, such as protein metabolism and cellular growth, than any other vitamin.
  Fibre helps keep the digestive tract healthy.
  Potassium helps regulate blood pressure and aids in muscle contraction.
  Iron helps in the process of making blood, which supplies oxygen to our cells.
  Calcium in kumara helps to support bones and teeth.
  Vitamin C helps your body absorb iron, helps keep teeth and gums healthy, and helps heal wounds.
  Carbohydrates convert to sugar to give you energy.


All this talk about sweet potatoes, yams and kumara you may be confused if I am talking about what you are thinking about…let’s get a glam shot of this beautiful food.

 And some of my favourite kumara eats…

It looks like I am trying to show a pumpkin but in the far right corner that is my favourite pumpkin and Kumara dip)

I have yet to explore some other varieties like sweet potato pancakes,sweet potato oatmeal cookies and sweet potato casserole.

I do know that I love Tina’s easy travel friendly Microwaved Sweet Potato, roasted sweet potato and sweet potato fries.

Do you notice what just happened, I have started using the term sweet potato. Back to Kumara now.

I thought that I had more eats to show you. I guess I don’t. Sorry. I know that I have been eating a lot of brussel sprouts as I have had a whole bag to get through and they are apparently good for my sore hip and I have also been eating a whole lotta baking due to my lovely flatmate and some of our friends who  had a NZ’s Hottest Home Baker competition the other night. Actually they didn’t but it sure seemed like it. I got to indulge in some banana cookies, chocolate banana cake, m&m cookies, simple vanilla MOIST cupcakes, chocolate mint truffles and the most amazing slice made by the GEM of them all; Jemma my flatmate who has a new-found love for salmon sushi, bowls of muesli at 3am, pretzels, doritos (they finally came to NZ ) and guacamole, brie sliced right from the fridge and baking! This is why I love her.

My favourites where the ultimate slice and you know, if you have been reading, I only use the term ‘ultimate’ in very necessary occasions. Like the ultimate muesli, the ultimate microwaved banana whip, the ultimate cheese platter and the ultimate leftover Easter chocolate banana oatmeal cookies. Oh yeah back to my favourites of NZ’s hottest home baker, which where the Ultimate Slice just because I do not know what else to call it and the Chocolate Mint Truffles.

This lucky plant sure does photograph well. I know you have seen it before.

Recent Eats:

I think it is just about dinner time as my tummy is starting to grumble and wants something ultimate right about now. I would like to wrap up the eats department and move forward to fitness.

I was going to include a log with all my recent and past fitness regimes as I do have MOST of them logged into my crackberry…Err…blackberry and was going to make a pretty chart for you to follow or admire or do what you want with it and recommend another plan that I am going to try to battle, which is called “Gina’s Summer Shape Up” however, for those of you who filling their hot water bottles, wrapping up in woollen scarves and hats and amping for the snow to fall at Mt Hutt, Raepehu, Cadrona  or Corenet Peak wherever you may be waiting for the lifts to open we can call this “The Keep Warm This Winter Shape Up Plan” because no matter what the temperature is outside you will get a kick-ass workout from this plan.  

Hope I didn’t get you too excited because I might save this for tomorrow.

I am off to find some ultimate eats.


Is it okay that say Goodbye and not hello…


4 thoughts on “You call it sweet potato, I call it kumara.

  1. Wonderul – I love Sweet Potato and they are so good for you – also saw Sex in the City 2 still it was a good your blogs

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