50 Marathons in 50 days.

Sorry that I cannot say that I am planning on 50 marathons in 50 days, however I am just starting a new book titled ’50 Marathons in 50 days’ The Secrets to super Endurance. A superhero by the name of Dean Karnazes achieved this and I am truly inspired.

I have not officially started reading but I think I may squeeze in a few pages tonight for some encouragement as I am running my first half marathon tomorrow .woah. To be honost I never thought I would be announcing such a thing but it is true. Saying it out loud makes me so proud that I have come this far. Maybe I shouldn’t speak too soon as I actually have not crossed the finish line however if all goes according to plan I will be at  about 11am tomorrow morning. Start time is at 9am and I hoping to do it in under 2hours. I am not fully trained so that may not be a realistic goal but I will see how it goes and listen to my body.

By the way…I forgot to say Hello. I’ve missed you. Well, I have missed writing to you. I truly love expressing my thoughts for you to read and I think I need to start paying Nat Attacks some more attention. Life has just been very busy. Very Very busy.

I woke up this morning and was pretty excited as my days plan was a massage ( a free massage) even better, eat and watch movies oh and pick up my registration pack for the race. A forced day of rest and eats does not happen very often, which is why I was in a pretty smiley mood today 🙂

As for eats recently I do not have much to report. I do have to say that I have recently become obsessed with a new combination. I have seen it in the blog world but have yet to try it till a couple days ago.

Peanut Butter drizzled on golden kumara. For those of you in the states kumara is a sweet potato.

Anyway…back to PB and Kumara. SO GOOD! If you don’t believe me just try it for yourself.Paired with a Pure Blonde, it ws the perfect meal (By the way this was not consumed today in case you were wondering why I was drinking a beer before race day it was potentially consumed yesterday though).

I tried to eat as much as I could today so I started with a wholegrain organic bagel with peanut and banana and a beetroot, berry, spurilina smoothie. Rando combo but so refreshing. I like my rando-combos as you know.

I came home to some Carrot and Cucumber sticks spiced up with some lemon and sprinkled with curry powder and cumin with some of my favourite Pumpkin and Kumara Dip that I have surely shown you in the past and apple juice x3

Followed by some oats and banana with soymilk followed by a bowl of brussel sprouts and cauliflower.FINISHED with some dark chocolate and some yoghurt.

Enough food for you.

Not me!

And now trying to be organized for tomorrow here is snapshot of my race gear. I am pretty excited and nervous. I have a pretty sweet playlist with some new tracks that I am looking forward to CRANKING.

 Wish me luck. I do know that I am stronger then what I think and so are you 🙂



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