trying something new tuesday

I love trying new things. I believe trying new things can be a real eye opener. Personally I am someone who likes to explore new things or places for instance an undiscovered cave or a path with no footprints, or picking up the unidentified bug on the floor just to get a closer look or visit a new place that I have never been and maybe even take the long way just because. It is very liberating.

I started today by doing something or actually by eating something that I would never usually do in the morning. I ate vegetables in the morning. I guess it was more of a spinach and leftover veggie egg white scramble. Do not get me wrong! I love veggies and eggs and savory foods however when I wake up in the morning I want fruit, oats, yoghurt, muesli I guess anything with a sweet touch. It is just how I roll…However, I have noticed that I am exhausted physically and mentally and I am not slowing down anytime soon so I thought starting the day with protein+veggies+fruit= a great pre workout breakfast for a tired and sore girl.

For breakfast, I had two egg whites mixed with two large handfuls of spinach and topped it with maybe a 1/3 cup of grilled zucchini, mushroom, onion and kidney beans. This was simply microwaved for 2:30 and came out to perfection. I should have really grilled it properly on the stove into an omelet but I was running late. I also had an unpictured kiwi fruit for some Vitamin C.

I was off to the gym day 2 of my 30 day guest pass. SO GOOD by the way! Also, very motivating to get myself going…and trying new things. I decided I was going to try out a new class called body balance. I ran to the gym, which took me about 25 minutes.

Body balance is described as class that is going to “Get into balance. Gain flexibility and strength in a class that combines the best of Yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates. Truly a fitness class for the 21st Century, Les Mills BODYBALANCE® takes a holistic approach to fitness to bring mind and body into perfect harmony.

To be honest…I was going to walk out the first few minutes because it started off very much choreographed. A combination of alternative dance and tai chi I am very much uncoordinated and did not feel like struggling through an entire class but I told myself to stay and if anything this class will help improve my coordination, get over my fear of choreography and to try something new. I am very glad I stayed because the emphasis of the class definitely was on yoga and pilates. In the end I got what I wanted.

To finish off my workout I ran home and extended the run a bit and made it home in about 37 minutes. I total of 52 minutes of running er maybe jogging. Not sure.

I came home to something I was craving all day. Breakfast. I know I had breakfast and many people start their day with eggs, toast, savory foods but not me. I decided to cook up a batch of Qunioa (pronounced keen-wa) and made a batch of Toasted Cinnamon Cocunut Crunchy Cereal.


Basically after preparing two cups of quinoa I took out about ½ cup and mixed it with shredded coconut, a drizzle of maple syrup, cinnamon, vanilla bean infused icing sugar and sweetener in a bowl and layed it on cookie sheet lined with baking paper. I baked this for about 20 minutes. I rotated the mixture about half way through so the entire mixture got some crunch. I took out the mixture

Once the crunchy quinoa mixture was ready I put into a bowl piled on my favourite toppings, which included blueberry yoghurt and sliced banana. I love blueberry and banana such a good combination and splashed on some soy milk.

This into:

THIS! Best concotion I have had in a while.True fact.

For this recipe you will need:

½ cup to one  cup of cooked quinoa


Vanilla (I used vanilla bean icing sugar)

Drizzle of maple syrup

Favorite toppings: yoghurt, fruit, Muesli, nuts, nut spread, choice of milk or soy.

It was perfect and left me feeling very happy.

I need to get back into my vegetarianism topic but I will save this for another day. I am late for work.



One thought on “trying something new tuesday

  1. Great ideas for food but will skip the brussel sprouts thanks 0 – :

    Enjoy your work day and keep smiling – it make the soul feel good.

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