Hello. Hope all is having a lovely day. Christchurch however happens to be very cold, very grey and very rainy. Not ideal. It was very hard to get the day started and I definitely was experiencing some gloomy day blues.

What got me out of bed was my one month free trial that I received from Woman’s Health Magazine that I read during my ‘lunch date’, which is the actual reason I bought the magazine. $8 for a one month at best gym in town I could not say no. ESPECIALLY because I am not actually a member at any gym and I pay $10 every time I use the University gym and $13 I attend a spin class, however yoga and pump classes come with the casual visit fee.

Another thing that helped and I like to thank Gracie from ‘Girl Meets’ for this is reading her article “Smiling is my favorite Exercise” and I got out of my rut and got the day going. In her article she explained how she was experiencing some blues herself till she encountered a lady and the simple act of a smile exchange turned her mood right round. I wanted to experience this for myself and that was not going to happen home alone. Read the article for yourself to get the full details.

I got the gym finally and registered for my one month pass and I am very happy about this. Definitely took advantage of this and had an awesome work out.

My Workout included:


Run: 5.62 km in 32 minutes.

Elliptical: 20 min Cool Down.

Weights and Abs:

30x Lat Pull Down

10x Chest Press

10x Seated Row

30x 15kg Shoulder lifts

30x 10kg Cowbell swings over head

50x Ab Chair leg lifts

And awesome session on a foam roller and machine stretchers.

I was going to dedicate this article to Vegetarianism, which is why I titled it as that as I get lots of questions as to why I am vegetarian but I may save this review for another time as I guess I have a lot to say. However, I will tell you that I became vegetarian after reading Skinny Bitch by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin. If you have not read it, you should. Do not judge this book by its title. It is not a diet book in any way. It is more of no B.S way of telling you that you are what you eat. “Skinny Bitch opens with the following paragraph: “Okay. Use your head. You need to get healthy if you want to get skinny.  Healthy = skinny.  Unhealthy = fat. The first thing you need to do is give up your gross vices.  Don’t act surprised!  You cannot keep eating the same shit and expect to get skinny.” I will touch up on this later and tell you a bit more about my personal choices of food and what I am technically classified as, which is a lacto-avo -pescetarian.  

On that note, here is a photo of my very vegetarian grocery shop this week. I was very impressed as it was a total of $32 (NZ Dollars) not too shabby.

Now I am off to roast some veggies in particular that bag of brussel sprouts, the beet in the fruit bowl and that quarter pumpkin and head to Volleyball.




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