a run in the sun.

Running in the sun makes me very happy. Along with great surroundings and the views I endure the joy is true bliss. Although what I am about to show you is quite amazing my all time favorite place to run is along the pacific ocean from Marina Del Ray through the madness and originality of the Venice board walk all the way through to Santa Monica underneath the colors of the Santa Monica Pier. Despite all the homeless people along the way, the sites are one of a kind and truly close to my heart in many ways. I hope to be doing that run this year if I make it home, which has been in discussion. Early December perhaps?

Throughout all my training for my half marathon, which is on June the 6th I have taken the time to stop and smell the roses. Actually no I stopped so I can show you some of the magnificent views and trails that I have to run along here in Christchurch. I have also decided that for my first half marathon I am simply doing it to finish it. I am not going to try and conquer some outrageous time or kill myself trying. This is mainly because prior to the marathon I have some big activities and travels plans and only fly in 9:30pm the night before the half marathon and I told myself I was doing it this year and I decided I would rather complete it and cross the finish line in my own time then not do it all together.

Well, I had a few videos to share with you that I took on my i-pod. However, I cannot for the life of me seem to be able to transfer the files to support the uploader. Anyways I will have to sort that out. For now I am going to keep calm and carry on 🙂 and use some pictures that I found on the very handy world wide web.

Before leaving the house I was so hungry I did not even snap my breakfast, which was a yoghurt bowl containing  1/3 cup raw oats/bran,  1/3 cup ‘the ultimate muesli’, half a nana and half a pear and some soy-lite and some green tea. I do not think I let my food digest in time, which is an amateur mistake because when I started running my food was trying to come up instead of down. It was not nice. Anyway that settled and I continued running for about 35 minutes to my local gym. I go to the university gym as I have been going there for the last four years. It is local, standard, and not fancy, does the job and has my favorite classes including spin, yoga and pump. 

Today I started with a 35 minute run, did a 50 minute pump class and of course since I ran there I had to run home and I was dreading it! However, I did it in about 35-38 minutes, which crossed off one of my goals for the week in completing a run that is an hour plus.

I came home with a big to-do list and an awesome lunch.

Lunch was a plate of:


An egg white puff with curry and chili flakes

Some roasted pumpkin and brussel sprouts


Topped with Laughing cow-lite cheese and k&m

And for dessert an unpictured other half of banana and pear sprinkled with cinnamon.

My taste buds are happy.

I am wee bit exhausted from my efforts this morning and have a lot to do before leaving for a weekend away.

Hope you are having a nice and productive week. Have you set any goals for yourself?

Or Questions for me? I am in need of Q&A page



4 thoughts on “a run in the sun.

  1. I think that’s so great you’re deciding just to finish the half. 🙂 As a reader of tons of healthy living blogs, it’s so easy to get caught up in the having goals for things and feeling like you need to finish in the specific amount of time.

    I was planning on being able to run a marathon a year after I started running! How crazy was I!? Still, it’s so great of you to have that mindset. Then you have a basis for what you can naturally do and how you’ll improve from that point.

    Also, that plate of veggies made me want to go make some !! 😉

    • Hey Diana,

      I have been running for a ffew years now and this is the first year I have dedicated to do a half marathon. I usually have a couple excuses in the form 1. i have a bad hip and 2. i usually have volleyball tournament (that i could skip out on) but I told myself I am doing it and I know how great I will feel after doing it. Did you end up completing the full marathon?

      Yes, I am also a reader of many healthy living blogs and it is very easy to get caught up in fitness goals, which is why I want to take on a lighter approach to the whole situation without sacrificing anything.

      It was delicious. hope you enjoyed 🙂

      keep reading

      • Unfortunately no, I didn’t finish it 😦 I got in a car accident that broke my foot so running (or any impact activity) is on hold! So frustrating 😦 I’m getting a bike trainer set up though and if that works out I might try for a bike race 🙂

        I know all about the excuse thing, though! I did/do that all the time. I think a lighter approach to it definitely makes it less daunting 🙂

        & I’ve added you to my google reader feed 🙂

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