Past Eats.

Good morning and welcome to a new week. At least for those of you who are reading locally. As for my Northern readers hope you are have having a fabulous Sunday accompanied with a good sleep in, good eats and finishing up your final goals of the week.

I wanted to start with posting some past eats and creations I have made over the last couple years. Some I made whilst at culinary school, some of the creations where made at home enjoying a nice glass of wine and others where for celebrations.


Hope I did not make you too hungry? Maybe you should go whip up something special for yourself. Or for me…send it over!

Like I mentioned before leaving I went away for the weekend for a volleyball tournament. We did okay. It is always fun spending time with the volleyball girls. I managed to get through most of my eats. What I had leftover was about half a packet of those corn thins, 1 pear (I bought 3 pears once at the tournament and a pottel of yoghurt) and a banana. I ate everything else and it was good effort but I did not buy anything extra whilst driving or on location, which was good.

I came back to a house of no food so I of course spent my Sunday catching up on sleep and went grocery shopping. Actually that is not true the highlight of my Sunday was a bikram yoga class and it was much needed. 90 minutes of pure sweat! I made a silly mistake of washing my hair before the class, which is so silly and I know better because after the class my hair was saturated. Kinda gross!

This week I am setting a few goals for myself, which include:

  1. Less sugar. Err. No sugar. Only the natural stuff from fruits and dried fruits.
  2. No packaged/processed or fried foods
  3. Finish my book
  4. One long run. An hour +. I got to get myself ready for this half marathon that is in about a month.
  5. Bake something new J

I am leaving on Thursday for a few days for a wee bit of time out of Christchurch to visit friends and family and I am dedicating this weekend to good eats , treats  and listening to my body. If it want to work out I will, if I don’t I won’t. If I want some greasy food I will roll with it. However, being in a new city is always fun as you can explore new sites and surroundings on long runs. It is definitely a nice change so I will be packing my running shoes, especially with the half marathon just around the corner.

I am to make some breakfast err..lunch its already 11:30 where has the morning gone? I am undecided by a cold yoghurt bowl or my microwaved oaty banana whip? Followed by a run and finished with a volleyball game tonight. My life is getting dominated by volleyball.

I opted for the microwaved oaty banana whip and thought I should give you a break down on how I prepare it.

Step 1: Combine ½ mashed banana, 1/8 cup oats, 1 egg while sprinkle of cinnamon, splash of vanilla and Milk (I used soy-lite) and microwave for 2 minutes

Pre Microwave:

Post Microwave:

Step 2: Add toppings. I used ½ cup the ‘ultimate toasted muesli’, quarter pear, other ½ of sliced banana and some cold soy.

Step 3: Enjoy!

Now I am fueled and listening to tunes trying to get myself out on a run. It will happen! Soon…



5 thoughts on “Past Eats.

  1. Hay love,

    Banana whip looks fab – you have to make it in Aks….although we may have to make some muesli too. Can’t wait to see you!!


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