Food On-The-Go

Hello Ladies and hopefully Gentleman.

I hope there are people out there reading. I think there are at least a few and that is all that matters to me. I would just like to start off by thanking all those supporters of ‘Nat Attacks A Balanced Life’. Every email, every comment, every reader and everyone who visits my blog puts a smile on my face. Thank you ever so much, seriously. I know a bit cheesy but c’mon what do you expect I am a girl on a mission.

Just to start with something random. I have noticed a huge trend in my photography skills or maybe when it is cloudy and grey outside but the natural lighting in my house goes very yellow and I am not a fan. ‘DISLIKE’  It is making it very hard to snap photos so I can keep on keeping on. I should follow the poster that is in very close distance of where I am sitting.KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON. I can do that. We all can, we just have to take the moment to realize the here, the now and that very present moment of this time. Not the time past or ahead…and breathe…

Anyways. Moving forward. Or maybe behind I did not happen to capture last nights dinner as I rushed home after work to go to volleyball. It was quick and easy. I had some left over baked pumkin, carrots and brussel sprouts and some ‘cuc’ and hummus and for some sugar some gummy bears. For those of you who know me well, I ❤ Gummybears. Especially the green, clear and red ones.

Breakfast was a rando combo, which consisted of: 1/2 banana, 1 egg white,splash of soy, 1/2 cup raw outs and cinnmon zapped in the microwave for two minutes. It turned out to be a pancakey sort of texture much different then the Microwaved Banana Whip. I do have a picture, sorta, but its not worth dispalying. I topped this with 1/2 cup of the ‘ultimate muesli’ and the other 1/2 of the banana and some soy milk.

With the fuel loaded I opted for a 45 Minute Run, Stretches, 10 pushup and some abs. I then headed straight out the door to do some errands. Had to get done, as I am leaving for a volleyball tournament tomorrow. GO PIONEER (COUGARS?!?) HAHA. I got all my eats, snack and fuel to get me through the weekend. This will hopefully help me save money and not have to opt for travel JUNK food. Here is what I packed:

Corn thins, Dried Apples and Dried Apricots, 70% Lindt Dark Chocolate, 2 Bananaz, 2 Apples, Sliced carrots and bell peppers, 2 can of tuna (I have not eaten tinned fish for almost a year) and some oats and bran in an old greek yoghurt container. The best greek yoghurt you can get here in NZ, I just wish it was not soo expensive. All in moderation.

GUESS WHAT. For those of you involved in the blog world you know how exciting this is. FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO DO NOT, GET AMONGST! THE GREEN MACHINE. You may ask yourself what this green machine is, it is a life changing delight.For more information visit

Angela from ‘Oh She Glows’ describes the Green Monster as a “blend together kale or spinach, milk (almond or soy), fruit, seeds, powders, etc. and come up with some amazing Green Monster drinks! I have noticed a HUGE increase in my energy, along with a decrease in cravings for sweets. My skin has also become more clear and my hair and nails started growing like weeds!” (Obtained 29th, April 2010,

Here is my very ungreen GREENMONSTER. Not sure why as I used a TON of Spinach.

In my mix: 1/2 Frozen Banana, Ice Cubes, Frozen Berries, a TON of Spinach and some soy-litee. P.s-I made this in the works blender as I do not have one at home. Not Ideal.

It tasted great but it was not so much on the green side. Better luck next time

CAN I PLEASE GET SOME CHOCOLATE GREEN SUPERFOOD SENT OVER TO NEW ZEALAND and what about all those other amazing products you bloggers get to indulge in.New Zealand is an incredible place and it has enabled me to live a healthier life however, it is much harder to find the ‘goods’ (healthy products, protien powders, health bars, alternative options, etc) as you can in the states. Oh well. I can make do with what i’ve got.

Have a great weekend! Be in touch when I return as I am not bringing the laptop away with me. Ill try to take some photos maybe Dunedin (where the tournament is) will have better light.



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