Running low on fuel


This week has only just begun and I am already exhausted. Maybe this feeling is due to the week that never ended. This week is going to be filled with rest, work, rest, gym (since it’s a gloomy week…so far) and volleyball and plenty of it. As I mentioned yesterday we had our first Monday night volleyball competition last night and we lost its okay because we start our first Saturday Southern League competion this weekend. It is an away tournament so we get to do some travelling.

Yesterdays day finished off pretty uneventful as I seem to be having the winter blues (yes, it is coming into winter for those of you reading from overseas. I live in New Zealand) and its gets pretty cold in Christchurch. Very cold actually. At least for a California girl. I am glad a partake in winter activities like skiing or else winter could be very slow, cold and painful waiting for summer to approach. Anyways… I stayed in bed all day minus the times I got up for eats and laundry. Pretty exciting I know. I did have a very scrumptious salad for lunch.

The salad contained:


Thinly sliced capsicum

Thinly sliced cucumber

Thinly Sliced apple (braeburn)

Grated carrot

Blue Brie

Topped with wholegrain mustard, tomato sauce, hummus and chili flakes.

Great Random Combination. It hit the spot.

I slept and watched endless amounts of NipTuck, yes I know I am still going on with this whole NipTuck buzz, till I had to get up for a 50 minute spin class followed by Volleyball. In between the two events I had a pear and some black licorice for some energy.

I came home to have a very late dinner. More Veggies! I guess I needed them.

I am excited for the next month or so. Lots of fun filled events on the agenda!

You only live once, remember that. So you must live in the moment and take opportunities as they come.

Well I was going to write two separate posts for this however I reconsidered my decision.

Today’s Recap starts here:

Woke up and copied yesterday Microwaved Banana Whip Muesli (unpictured). The recipe for the ‘ultimate muesli’ is now in the recipe’s section.

Shortly after, I headed straight out the door to the gym. It is warm in the gym.

I did:

Tread Mill: 6 minute warm up- .8 km’s (slow)

Treadmill: Grr…I had to restart the machine. Then 23 more minutes. 4.3ish Km’s. Intervals of increases speed every other minute

BODYPUMP: 50 minute weight training, Abs and Stretching.

Cross Trainer: 12 minute cool down

More Stretching. I am very sore, I think from Volleyball. Incorporating different fitness regimes helps you discover and work muscles that usually get neglected from a routine schedule.

I had a few errands to do after the gym. Nice to get done. That also included baking a huge batch of Veggies I needed to cookup.I baked a quarter pumpkin, carrot, brussel sprouts and zucchini of course I had to have this for lunch with some K&M. Addicted…yes.

Another goal I have besides trying to live a healthy lifestyle, run a half marathon, become a middle blocker for my volleyball team, eat foods that my body actually needs and how to obtain them is to have a better control of my finances. In order to do this I have saved all my receipts over the last couple months so I can see where all my money is going and find a balance. Isn’t that what life is all about, Balance. I think so! I am trying, I really am. I think this will be much harder then living a healthy lifestyle, I guess this is included in living a healthy lifestyle. Having control of yourself in every way possible.

On that note…this is turning into a novel. Will have to love and leave you for now.



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