The week that never ended.

Hello as I welcome in Sunday. That being said I have neglected you as a reader and my week of eats, treats and beats. Oh and of course exercise, despite all the madness, I managed to fit in some sort of routine in everyday. Yes, ladies and gentlemen it is possible to balance fun and fitness even when times are busy.

On that note, I would like to comment on another blog I read today, Gracie from ‘girl meets health’ spoke today about moderation. In the world of a healthy lifestyle, or even trying to adopt one, it appears that the number one rule is ‘Everything in Moderation’ So they say? I would like to enquire further into this topic surrounding moderation.  According to the Encarta Dictionary the first description of the word moderation is “the state of being moderate”. However, my concern and maybe you can understand this term differently how that applies to one’s life, to one’s health to living a healthy, active, fun and moderate lifestyle. In my opinion it all comes down to everyone person as an individual. Everyone has different metabolisms, eating habits, diets, exercise routines and opinion of living and eating.

I believe with Gracie as she also implements the 80/20 rule. The 80/20 rule is as basic as it appears. I would like to mention that I am not on any sort of eating plan or diet as eating healthy 80% of the time comes naturally. My body usually craves wholesome, healthy, fresh foods such a wholegrain, vegetables, fruit, fresh seafood (nothing out of tin) yoghurt, nice cheeses and the occasional sweet fix. The other 20% gets its fix from the occasional ‘indulgement’ when my body asks for it. It seems to be working nicely.

Recap of Eats: As it has been an insanely busy week I have only managed to capture certain eats of the week.


The friend bailed on the morning run I still went (had to start the week off right) but we caught up straight after and headed straight to lunch. We both enjoyed the Roasted Vegetable Salad with a slice of brown bread from a café. Dinner? Who knows and I cannot remember.

Wednesday:  CONGRATULATIONS to the WEDNESDAY GRADS! You know who you are if you happen to be reading this. I do know one chemical engineer who graduated this day. This same girl brought me over about a MASSIVE bag of the best toasted muesli, will have to confirm if I can release this recipe, lucky for me she left it at my house. A combination of toasted wholegrain oats, coconut, almonds and many more goodies.  After work I attended a much needed Bikram yoga class, for those of you do not know Bikram is 90 minute yoga class that is practiced in a room that reaches up to 40 degrees celcius. Lets just say you come out looking like you just jumped into the ocean. Its great. I came home to make the most amazing quick Indianesque meal. I use the term indianesque as I did not actually use any traditional recipes but it used fresh vegetables, tempeh, buckwheat pasta and a whole list of herbs and spices that *star* below. SO GOOD!  This amazing meal was followed by a night of drinks and dancing. Class of ’08-’10 dominated Wednesday nights venue.

Pictured is my Indianesque feast on a bed of buckwheat (gluten free) pasta.

Thursday: Started with a forced run to pick up my car. UGH! 30 minutes of pure torture it was hot and I was hung…over. Got myself into gear and met up with the grad crew for an amazing lunch in the sun. Lunch was actually just okay. It was a bowl of mixed salads and 2 slices of brown bread with yeast. The yeast is in powdered form and taste like dried vegemite, weird combination. I know. Have you gotten used to my randomness yet? Then it was off to work where I polished off my indianesque dinner.


Started my day with the amazing muesli (could be my favorite of all time), which will no doubt be posted soon. This recipe is worth trying out. Store bought brands just don’t compare and are laden in processed sugars and other chemicals that are just not necessary in a good bowl of muesli.

I hit up the gym as I knew it was going to be a massive night and needed pre-ball kick butt workout.

Treadmill: 10 mins at a fast past.

Spin Express Class: About 40 mins.

Cross Trainer: 10 mins. Warm Down.

Abs, Weights and Stretching.

Followed by some grapes and raw cashews.

Then it was time to start getting ready for the 2010 grad ball. I will not get into it too much but it was a great night to say the least. A night filled with lots of bubbles, great friends and good music.

We nibbled at this platter before leaving the house, pretty isn’t it?

 Wholegrain Rice crackers, pumpkin and kumara dip, olive hummus, spinach, Cuc, Capsicum and BRIE. Oh for The love of cheese…

Rice crackers, pumpkin and kumara dip, olive hummus, spinach, Cuc, Capsicum and BRIE.

Oh yeah and my hair done by a friend, thank you!

The rest of the weekend was spent catching up on sleep and relaxing. Much needed. Oh and I am about to head out the door to run 6k to Volleyball for a Sunday night practice, seriously practice on a Sunday. Not so cool is it.

What do you think about the phrase, everything in moderation? Hope you have had a nice of week as I have!



One thought on “The week that never ended.

  1. Moderation does sound good in all forms…Telayah also has volleyball practice on Sunday nights.

    Congrats to all the Grads…I want the museli receipe please!

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