The start of something new.

A new day come

I try to come together as one

As the morning dew fades away

And along comes May

I push on through to the other side

Where I am going to reside

Out of sight, out of mind

The future is ahead

The past is behind

And the only time is now.


Everyday has to start somehow. Today is the start of something new. New beginnings are great, right? Great does not always mean easy. That is okay. Every obstacle, every challenge and every chapter is a lesson learnt. Builds you as a person, brings you closer to who you are what you’re living for and brings you on path to something new. I am looking forward to where that path is going to take me and let me just say right now I have not got a clue. Well…I know certain things that I would like my to life to entail, what I would like to accomplish, who I want in my life, I know the places where I would like to go and I know that I would like to be healthy, happy and well experienced in love, travel and food.

This post is going to be short and sweet.

I decided to sleep in. I am looking forward to catching up with one of my bestest friends today and all that I know is where going on a very long run maybe 13,14,15k run. I am not sure if my hip and sore muscles will be able to handle it. I hope the rest of the day is filled with good company, good food and some laughs.

Yesterdays run turned into a killer, I just couldn’t stop running. I guess I had A LOT on my mind. I ran for over an hour and I could have kept going, my hip could not. Then I had my very exciting meeting, which I will tell you about at a later time.

Post run fuel included a pumpkin, brussel sprout and spinach salad with k&m and a wedge of lemon sprinkled with extra spicy organic chili flakes.  I tried taking a picture because it was a lovely lunch but my camera batteries where dead. I would like to thank a certain household for making me smile last night and for a very yummy baked fish, with roasted pumpkin, kumara and parsnip and some broccoli and green beans. Very addicted to Chamomile and Spiced Apple tea, I am going to have to purchase some ASAP.

Anyways…I am off to start my day, find something for breakfast, go for long run and open the doors to the start of something new.

Beauitful Pictures and Beautiful Places. Lake Wanaka, New Zealand

photo cred: Natattacks.



One thought on “The start of something new.

  1. hello natattack – great read today – I started the day with a great hike up in the highlands, did 3 hikes last week, a half hour run and bike ride down and walk up temescal whew and saw a BIG brown and cream snake on sundays hike… and now was naughty and had a bite of a chocolate cake I made – but gluten free receipe…have a beautiful day

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