Thirsty Thursday!

Hello Readers!

I officially now know that I can welcome you my readers to my posts and I am not just speaking to myself, if feels REALLY GOOD and I have you to thank for that on that note..thank you to those who have shared their interest in my blog if you keep reading I will keep writing. I am enjoying writng  ‘Nat Attacks’ that much that even if I did not have readers I may keep writing anyways.

 I started my morning to a thirsty Thursday and not in the thirsty way that one would think, which usually entails lots of booze and a nasty hangover that is NOT what I feel like. I woke up feeling very tired (not normal) and very thirsty I got up and chugged an entire bottle of water and then strolled to my local coffee shop for an Iced Americano, which may or may not have been good idea as coffee leads to dehydration but I am enjoying the caffeine hit. Hoping no one from my own café is reading this, I betrayed my own coffee shop. Sorry Coffee Culture it had to be done!

I also started off my day off with this glorious yoghurt parfait accompanied by ¼ cup wholegrain oats, ½ banana, seed mixture and one dried apricot flower.

and…the finished version, in an attempt to get every bite.

I am feeling that exhausted today where I may actually take the day off a proper workout, I have already walked to my coffee shop and am planning another walk to try on dresses for next week’s event. I have not actually taken a proper day off, besides Sunday, where most people claim their one day off as their ‘hung over day’. A very pathetic excuse!

Recap of last night’s dinner was and I am very embarrassed to admit but I used frozen vegetables. GROSS! They did hit the spot as they were mixed in with some garlic, basil, and one egg white and balsamic.

I also had a side of baked brussel sprouts and kumara with the amazing Heinz Organic Ketchup, which I used the last of last night. I had some serious trouble getting the last few drops out it was at the point where every time I squeezed the bottle it made that very inappropriate semi resembling a fluctuate sound, haha.

On a random note, I enjoy random notes, I just realized as I went to post this blog this is my first morning that I actually started on my own blog before reading my usual blogs, don’t worry fellow blogs I will always stay true to you. I guess I am just a bit excited about this space at the moment.

Well…I am off for another walk or jog to score a gorgeous dress then off to work. Have a nice day whatever you are doing?

 Ciao x


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