Sport Massage, Please!

Good morning!

It is already 11am almost good afternoon. I am just so sleepy in the mornings maybe because I know that I have not needed to get up for work as I usually would be waking up at about 6:45am to get to work by 8am.

I am one very happy girl right now as I have my belly full of yummy over night oats. My combination included: ¼ cup wholegrain oats, ¼ xtra trim milk, one small banana, vanilla essence, a pinch of shredded coconut and mixed seed mixture. This is almost like a deconstructed cookie without the flour, eggs and chocolate. I was tempted to crumble a cookie in but decided against it.

overnight oats

Anyways I finally got a massage booked in for this morning and even better this around because for one I know where I am going this time and it is at a sport pyhsio location so they will really be able to work at those sore muscles. I am rushing to write this post and run out the door.

The day will also include hopefully a run as it is semi-decent outside, it is becoming winter so good days are becoming less frequent so I must take advantage! I also have volleyball practice tonight and then maybe drinks with the girls if I am not too tired by the end of it. Of course it will start with this girl eating her yummy oats…I could be addicted to this combo as well.


This is me au natural enjoying her oats and excited for her massage 🙂



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