Back to the basics

Is there anybody out there yet…? Not sure but  I will keep writing. 

I sorta feel like I jumped right into this whole blogging thing without going back to the basics. There is a lot of build up that has led me to want to create this blog. There is so much about me that you do not even know I feel like that you may need to get a wee bit of an understanding of my past to understand where I am today. Dont worry I will not overload you with boring bits and pieces. 

Like I mentioned I grew up in Los Angeles where I lived a very fun, extravagant, well-traveled and unbalanced life. It was great and I got explore the world and the city like there was no tomorrow, no worries and no shame. My life changed dramatically when I moved to New Zealand, my mum is from New Zealand, which is where I got the idea of coming half way across the world at the age of 18. The first couple years studying where typical college years.

 At some stage I realized I wanted to start playing volleyball again so I joined my local Volleyball club, GO PIONEER!

 I think that is when my life changed. I got into fitness and started to make healthier choices like becoming vegetarian and I am now in my 3rd year of a meat free life although I do eat seafood I have also cut out all sodas, I used to have a serious diet coke addiction and I now D.C free and have been for 6 months. My next step is to cut out all artificial sweeteners but I am not sure if I am quite ready for that step…yet. I also started learning about different foods and cooking techniques and living in a flat with 6 other girls I got to cook…ALOT. Upon graduating I moved into this beautiful flat by myself where I scored the most AMAZING kitchen a girl can ask for. 

my workspace

Isnt is jut perfect in every way?   

At the same time I started working in Advertising/ Web Design Agency where I started to become unhappy with my life and became obsessed with food however, I was more obsessed with cooking it and researching it then actually enjoying it. I quit my job and decided to go to culinary school at the New Zealand School of Food and Wine. It was great and I learned a lot but I also learned I did not want to be a chef and by the end of the course I was already moved out of that beautiful home. The houe and kitchen or as I would like to say my workspace I am in now is just as amazing. 

Anyway…fast forward a year or so and this is where I am. I am in another beautiful home, very happy with my life working in a café, enjoying glorious food and wine and loving every moment of running to funky beats, playing volleyball, trying to incorporate as much yoga as possible and being a gym bunny.  I would love to do some more travelling but for now I need to focus on the NOW, which includes being happy, being healthy and being ME. 

Back to where I left off this morning. I did manage to get a booking for a massage but I got lost getting to the place and ran out of time so I just canceled  and still as immensely sore as I was this morning. I did manage on keeping my belly full. 

The rest of the days eats included: 

Lunch 1-Post Workout ½ Cup of Raisin Bran with ½ of a banana 

Lunch 2-A small salad of Spinach, Edam Cheese (I think Edam cheese is a kiwi thing), a couple sliced of a juicy pear and broccoli drizzled with my homemade balsamic and mustard dressing 

Dinner- I am not sure how it turned out so AMAZING but it was. I had to pack my dinner and take it to work so I prepared it while I had lunch. In a pot a combined a courgette, broccoli, spinach and kidney beans with a can of chopped tomatoes, curry powder, cumin and chili flakes and let is simmer for about 20 minutes. It was perfection 🙂

When I got home I ate a Cadbury Chocolate Easter Bunny that my flat mate got me while I wrote this post. It was delicious but maybe a bit too much chocolate right before bed. Oh well! 

Goodnight to whoever is out there and reading. Ciao x

P.S Sorry about the lack  of pictures as my camera is still M.I.A but I should be getting in back tomorrow. Hopefully!


6 thoughts on “Back to the basics

  1. I’m really looking forward to keeping up with your blog!!
    Congrats on giving up the Diet Coke drinking. I know it can be hard!
    Sorry you missed your massage appointment. Better luck next time around 😉

    • Hello!
      You have just made my day by your comment. Thank you so much, my first reader (besides friends and family) This is a major work in progress so keep checking in as I do plan on posting most days and I have my camera back 🙂

      Keep on reading. I am celebrating your post with a glass of Australian Shiraz. Cheers!


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