A Sore Monday!


I would like to say that I wish this post was going to be a lot more informative and visually pleasing but my camera is a bit MIA at the moment, I should be getting in back into action very soon.

I am SO sore this morning as I went to this XFit boot camp class taught by a couple of professional rugby players over the weekend and I can barely move, OUCH! I am going to try and see if I can book in a massage somewhere today in between hopefully a nice LONG run in the sun, work and trying to find some food as my kitchen is empty and so will my tummy if I do not sort anything out.

To begin my day I had what I could find, which where some overnight oats. The combination contained ¼ cup of wholegrain oats, ½ a banana, a generous amount of apricot and peach yoghurt and a half of a juicy pear with some vanilla essence. As you will learn vanilla and I have a great relationship whether used in my food, baking, candles or as a perfume. Has anyone else noticed the difficulty with wholegrain oats as they do not seem to expand or dissolve as much as regular oats?!? Not sure what I have planned in terms of eats for the rest of the day.

Well, I must go see if I can book a massage this morning before my day begins. It is that sore!



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